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Jun 2022
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Since 2018,  EMERGE has become the leading startup conference in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. After 2 years online, we came back as a hybrid event – bringing together nearly 3,000 founders, investors and tech makers in Yerevan, Armenia, and online in our audio series stream.

The broad discussion on metaverse, Web3.0 and debates on how the next heir of the world wide web should and could look like inspired us to think in three dimensions. The visual identity and experience design for the festival was rooted in the embodied perception of space and spatial movement.

EMERGE 2022 key visual – design by Nastia Piven (Art Director at EMERGE).

EMERGE 2022 social media communications – design by Nastia Piven (Art Director at EMERGE).

The core narrative encoded in the EMERGE experience was always about not being afraid to make mistakes to create something truly disruptive and celebrating the imperfect as the inevitable step to success. Being an indie-conference, EMERGE brings a little bit of rough, garage vibe, intentional ‘scratches’ and as many networking spots as possible to every venue where it’s held. 

EMERGE 2022 photoreport.

Spatial narrative design, visitor experience – EMERGE 2022 (Margo Lazarenkova)

Started in Belarus in 2018, EMERGE conference has become the hotbed for tech, founders, community leaders, bigger companies and investors from across the New East — including countries from Eastern Europe, the Balkans and Central Asia. The conference was co-founded by Alina Nilsson and Margo Lazarenkova.

Project team:
Margo Lazarenkova (Co-founder & CEO, Creative Direction, Experience Design)
Alina Nilsson (Co-founder & CEO, Startups & Investors, Strategy)
Anna Sholina (Head of Community, Strategic Partnerships)
Nastia Piven (Art Director, Visual Communications)
Julia Fedosenya (Partnerships Manager, Operations)
Anastasya Zyrianova (Head of Programme & Speakers)
Hakuk (IRL Production Manager)
Alexander Starodetko (URL Production Manager)
Viktoriya Kharlan (Marketing Lead)

AWS, Microsoft, Dom Daniel/Fourth Ventures, Inekobank, The Untitled Ventures, BigStory VC, Semrush & more.

Mike Butcher (Editor-at-Large, TechCrunch), Aliona Doletskaya (Creative Advisor, Ex-Vogue Russia, Ex- Interview), Tiago Correia (Warner Music Group), Greg Tkachenko, Co-Founder & VP of Engineering AI Factory (acquired by Snap Inc), Mikayel Vardanyan (Chief Product Officer & Founding Partner, Picsart) & more.

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