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June 2020
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In 2020, the EMERGE conference has gone fully virtual, with only two months left till the event start.  We reconfigured the programme structure, designed a device-agnostic experience and gathered together 4,308 great people in tech from more than 100 countries: startups, tech talent, investors, media and corporates.

Across 5 stages, more than 100 speakers from 7 time zones (from Australia to California) were sharing their experience and ideas on how technologies will shape our future and how to build and scale tech products in a global market.

Creative photoreport: Tania Kapitonova 

EMERGE is a conference with a festival vibe, which is why the online format put a question to us: can we still make friends at EMERGE online? That is why we treated the online afterparty seriously: we orgnised a spatial sound and networking experience with a livestream DJ-set, karaoke and informal talks using the virtual platfrom Spatial.Chat.

Creative photoreport: Tania Kapitonova

Started in Belarus in 2018, EMERGE conference has become the hotbed for tech, founders, community leaders, bigger companies and investors from across the New East — including countries from Eastern Europe, the Balkans and Central Asia. The conference was co-founded by Alina Nilsson and Margo Lazarenkova.

Project team:
Margo Lazarenkova (Co-founder & CEO, Creative Direction, Experience Design)
Alina Nilsson (Co-founder & CEO, Startups & Investors, Strategy)
Magrifa Kamieva (Production Manager)
Anna Sholina (Head of Community, Strategic Partnerships)
Nastia Piven (Art Director, Visual Communications)
Julia Fedosenya (Partnerships Manager, Operations)
Ilona Beliatskaya (Speakers manager)
Anastasya Zyrianova (Programme manager)
Alexander Starodetko (Digital Project Manager)

Microsoft, Flint Capital, Chivas, Startup Lithuania, Flo, The Untitled Ventures, Orange Business Services & more.

Gideon Lichfield (Editor-in-chief, MIT Technology Review), Deepak Chopra (Founder, Chopra Global), Andrei Khusid (CEO & Founder, Miro), Arkadiiy Dobkin (CEO & President, EPAM Systems), Liubou Minniyeva (Senior Product Manager Customer Experience, Tesla) & more.

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