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Dec 2016 – May 2017

Create IT!

Conference-festival about the exciting novel opportunities on the intersection of tech and creative industries. Bringing multidisciplinary professionals, startup founders, and culture workers all together on stage we explored robots in architecture, virtual reality in cinematography, machine learning in design, and much more.

Create IT! social media feed.

Create IT! conference experience was very much about the hands-on approach: lectures of speakers were followed by 13 different workshops, where participants could apply all the knowledge on creative technologies and experiment with different tools right on the spot.

Photography and GIFs: Karolina Poliakova

In the visitor experience design we leveraged the existing juxtaposition of the industrial factory building and nature element. The outdoors area became a networking and informal zone with food court, coffee shop, some of the workshops and later a cozy afterparty at sunset.

Create IT! media review: Silicon Valley energy in the post-soviet city.

All the printed vinyl banners were recycled: we collaborated with a local Minsk fashion designer to create a limited collection of tote bags available for purchase shortly after the conference.

Create IT! tote bags collection promo.

Project team:
Margo Lazarenkova (Creative Producer, Agenda and Experience Design)
Aliona Pakatashkina (SMM and Production support)
Evgeniy Pakatashkin (Production Manager)
Ihar Ukhnevich (Art Director, Visual Communications)
Alexander Starodetko (Technical support)

EU-Eastern Partnership Culture and Creativity Programme, British Council

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